Boy's viral video helps deaf dog find a home

Six-year-old Roman McConn and Legend, a deaf dog that recently was recently adopted. (Photo: KING)
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Six-year-old Roman McConn volunteers a couple times a week at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley. He plays with the pups and keeps them company.   

"I just love their personalities," he said, cuddling a baby Chihuahua. "Like, this little guy is scared and I'm trying to get him calm."

It's that kind of compassion that led Roman to Legend, a 7-year-old Lab brought to the shelter way back in April.

It's been tough to find him a home because Legend is deaf and doesn't get along well with other dogs, but that never mattered to Roman.

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Roman already has two dogs at home, and mom says that's plenty.

But after seven months at the shelter, Roman couldn't stand to see his sweet friend without a home.

So, he and mom made an utterly adorable Facebook video that was almost as cute as Legend himself.

It went viral, seen across the country after being featured on KING 5.

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A family in Colorado saw it and contacted Roman's mom, Jennifer.

Suddenly, the deaf dog nobody wanted was headed to a home in Colorado. 

There was a bittersweet send-off at the shelter Wednesday morning. A volunteer loaded Legend into a van and began the long drive to the Rocky Mountains.

"I feel really sad because I really do like Legend, but I am happy he got a home," said Roman. "I want every dog on Earth to have a home!"

The boy plans to make more videos to help dogs get adopted. His mom runs a non-profit called Project Freedom Ride that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters in Texas and relocates them to Washington.