Walking through the Austin City Limits Music Festival, you'll see Leonardo DiCaprio and O.J. Simpson's heads bobbing to a Revivalists setlist, while the man known as Salt Bae is doing his famous sprinkle over a crowd of festival-goers.

No, the three famous men weren't actually at Zilker Park, but their cut out heads were.

They're known as flags or markers in the festival world, and people use them to help find their friends while at the event.

Often times, people use memes and other hilarious references to pop culture as inspiration, and 2017 wasn't any different.


While DiCaprio and Simpson's cut out heads definitely catch you off guard and are funny in their own right, the creators of Salt Bae's cutout took the extra leap of making him look extra salty.

Literally, there's salt coming off of his hand, and it almost looks like the bottom of a mum.

"We actually got it [the ribbons] from the homecoming area. So like the homecoming flags and the homecoming mums, we got all the things from there," said Nicole Heynis. She and her husband Jayson created the marker to keep the salt flowing throughout the grounds.

For those who don't remember Salt Bae, it was a meme that set the internet on fire at the beginning 2017. In the original video, you can see a Turkish chef sprinkle a piece of meat in the most stylish and attention-grabbing way, you might almost rethink how you sprinkle meat.

While we'd like to think it was nostalgia and a quest for a meme comeback, the Heynis' reason was much simpler than that.

"I was looking for a way for our friends to find us, and I didn't want to fly the W Flag because the Cubs haven't played yet. This was the next best thing," said Jayson Heynis. "He's sprinkling that salt on us."

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