A dog recently brought into Texas Humane Heroes has been diagnosed with cancer, and her caretakers have created a bucket list they want to fill for her.

The letter from Maddie states she came to Texas Humane Heroes with a lump on her side, and that she might not live another year. Texas Humane Heroes created a list for Maddie that includes:

- Eat Tex-Mex on a patio
- Have a photo shoot
- Get a puppachino
- Get a cool new ‘do
- Create a masterpiece
- Be pampered at a hotel
- Go kayaking on Lady Bird Lake
- Have a birthday party
- Find my forever family

Maddie’s fourth birthday is in November, and the “create a masterpiece” and “get a puppachino” items have already been crossed off the list.

Maddie completing her masterpiece.
Maddie getting a puppachino.

“I know adopting a dog who may only have a year left is asking a lot, but imagine the difference you will make by giving me a year’s worth of love. That gift is priceless and one that no one can take away,” the letter says.TAP HERE for more information about Maddie and her bucket list.TAP HERE for information on all available animals from Texas Humane Heroes.