In pictures shared with us by KENS 5 viewers, San Antonio firefighters are seen supporting Scott Deem's son at a first grade awards ceremony at Lieck Elementary earlier this week.

"Words cannot describe the scene," said Holly Bryant, who said this photo of firefighters standing along a wall, waiting for Deem's son, Tyler, to be recognized during the ceremony.

Another KENS 5 viewer, Priscilla Ruston, shared this photo that she previously posted to Facebook showing the firefighters standing with Tyler for pictures after the ceremony.

Her post reads:

Scott Deem's wife, Jennifer, shared this amazing photo today! She graciously allowed for it to be shared, so here it is. Front and center is their sweet boy, Tyler, graduating from 1st grade, surrounded by SAFD family standing in for his daddy, who, no doubt, was present in his little heart, and in that room! I am so, so proud to be a part of this fire family. When I first saw her post, I had to stop what I was doing to focus because it took my breath away, and there were instant tears in my eyes! Praying continuously for her, their beautiful children and all who knew and loved Scott. THIS is what it's all about. Congratulations, Tyler!!

For the full post, see below:

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