State and local officials continue to stress that there is no gas shortage, but it’s not putting an end to the gas panic in San Antonio.

For the third day, drivers staked out at gas stations until fuel was available and waited in long lines. More than half of the gas stations in San Antonio don’t have fuel, according to GasBuddy.

The gas madness started Thursday following social media rumors warning of a gas shortage after Hurricane Harvey. It's a rumor that the City of San Antonio and Texas leaders are working to clear up.

On Thursday, the city tweeted: “No gas shortage in SA, distribution issues due to Harvey are being resolved. Purchase gas as you normally would. #dontpanic”

Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton, also chimed in tweeting: "We have gas in Texas, Just have to get it to pumps (we are). When ppl do this, it hurts everyone. Pls stop panic buying & let stations refill."

Despite the urge to take it easy at the pump, drivers in line said that they’re topping off their tanks because they don’t know how long it will take to refill all the empty gas stations.

The scramble to keep gas tanks full is leaving some drivers on empty.

“I don't have gas to go home right now,” Enreque Garcia said.

One driver said that she saw a driver fill up six to eight gas cans in the back of his truck.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg urged drivers to fuel normally on twitter adding that the gas shortage is due to the panic. On Saturday, he tweeted: “SA, at the moment, gas purchases are at 2.5x rate of daily purchases & folks are hoarding. We need to do better as we resolve this together.”