(KXAS) - Garland Police say that a missing 12-year-old girl from Garland was found safe on Saturday. Adrienne Solórzano disappeared in the middle of the school day on Thursday.

Police said Solórzano was asked to leave her class at Brandenburg Middle School to meet with her father and a teacher.

She never showed up for the meeting and has not been seen since leaving her classroom. The note excusing her from class was found near the portable classroom she left.

Concern for her whereabouts came to an end around 3 p.m. on Saturday when two members of her church spotted here about two miles from her middle school campus.

"She's here (at the police station), she's safe, we're trying to find out the details," said Ofcr. Joe Harn, of Garland Police.

Garland Police say Solorzano was found by officers near the El Langostino Azul restaurant in the 700 Block of Centerville Road. That's about 2.3 miles from her middle school campus.

Two men were seen on surveillance video at the restaurant ordering food and a drink. Garland Police say they belong to the same church, spotted Solorzano and went to get her something eat while calling police at the same time.

"The girl was found in the vehicle, that's all I received from the phone call," said Leo Huerta, the restaurant owner's son who was called by police to retrieve for the surveillance video.

Huerta said like many in the community he knew the 12-year-old was missing.

"I saw many tweets, saw the picture on Instagram, friends said to keep an eye out for this girl, new about her missing," Huerta said. "And then she ends up in our parking lot."

Now police are working to determine exactly what happened during the 48-plus hours where Solorzano was not seen by anyone.

"It just didn't fit the profile of a regular runaway, it may well end up being that, but that's what we're making sure of," Ofc. Harn said.

The one thing known for sure is that everyone is relieved she was found safe.

"I'm very happy she's okay, with the family safe and sound," Huerta said.

Police said family and friends describe Solórzano as a quiet and polite girl who does well in school and say her disappearance is out of character.

Garland Police have not provided any details yet on where Solorzano was or why she left her school.