Police discovered 17 undocumented immigrants locked inside a tractor trailer in Edinburg, Texas, according to NBC affiliate KVEO.

The trailer was found parked at a Flying J gas station in Edinburg, police said.

According to reports, an individual from Mexico called Edinburg police and reported a relative was trapped inside a trailer parked at the truck stop.

The individual reported that his relative was accompanied by other immigrants, and the trailer was getting too hot inside for them to bear.

Officers proceeded to the location and started knocking on trailers that were in the parking lot. After knocking on one of the trailers, police officials heard a knock back and ultimately found 17 illegal locked inside the trailer.

According to police, the immigrants we're from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Romania. Their condition is unknown at this time.

A male and female in charge of the tractor trailer were both detained, officials said.

Edinburg PD told KVEO both detainees are of Cuban nationality.

No description of the tractor-trailer was provided.

Border Patrol is taking over the investigation, according to Edinburg police.

No further details were available at this time.

This is a developing story.