(KXAS) - A Korean Airlines flight out of DFW bound for Seoul had to turn around and make an emergency landing at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Sunday afternoon.

The Boeing 777 had only recently departed DFW Airport when pilots discovered a problem and radioed to controllers that they needed to return.

According to airport officials, the plane landed safely after the pilot circled the airport and dumped fuel.

David Magana, with the airport, said the aircraft was inspected upon landing and it was determined that nothing catastrophic had occurred. Magana said it will now be up to mechanics to determine if there was an actual mechanical issue with the aircraft.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting a former staffer and a local television reporter were both onboard Flight 32 and reported an engine failure shortly after takeoff.

Magana also said that as airport officials learned of the emergency, an Alert 3 was issued, which indicated something catastrophic has happened. Magana said operators quickly realized the wrong alert status was activated and changed the call to an Alert 2, which indicates there is a potential problem with an aircraft.

Due to the initial Alert 3 call, all runways were closed at DFW Airport for a short time.

There have been no reports of any injuries in connection with the emergency and officials have not yet said what specifically led the pilots to declare the emergency.