DALLAS -- An infant was found safe early Saturday morning in Dallas following a search after her mother was found dead inside a Wichita, Kansas apartment Thursday.

Police sources say warrants were issued by federal authorities for two people facing capital murder and kidnapping charges.

Authorities say Laura Abarca-Nogueda, 27, was shot inside her apartment in Wichita. Her child, 6-day-old Sophia Gonzales, was missing.

Chief Gordon Ramsay said the infant was taken by the suspect and a manhunt followed.

According to Tramese Jones, a Dallas police spokeswoman, a tip led authorities to a location in the city. Jones said an ensuing investigation led authorities to believe the child was at that location.

SWAT was called to the scene and detectives arrested the suspect, who hasn't been named.

"The child was found safe, but as a precaution was transported to Children’s Medical Center," Jones said.