(KCEN) – In Waco Federal Court on Thursday, multiple people pleaded guilty to separate bank robberies across central Texas.

Former President of the Killeen National Bank of Central Texas, Randall W. Havens, pleaded guilty to bank fraud over several years. Prosecutors say from 2008 to 2012 Havens was using fraudulent loans to steal money from the bank.

Havens admitted to forging people's names on loans and then using the money for himself. It's estimated he defrauded the bank by more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Carol Denise Taylor also pleaded guilty to three Waco bank robberies. Taylor pleaded guilty to robbing the Wellsfargo at 1105 Wooded Acres Drive on June 26th, and then robbing the Wellsfargo at 300 Franklin Avenue just weeks later on July 8th.

Police then questioned Taylor on July 10th about the robberies, and the next day she robbed the Community and Trust off 1800 Washington Avenue. Prosecutors say at each bank Taylor slipped the tellers notes saying she had a bomb and threatened to blow up the banks. She will be sentenced on December 4th.

Also in court, Karl Moore pleaded guilty to robbing a Temple bank in July. Prosecutors say Moore handed tellers at the Texas Federal Credit Union off West Adams a note demanding money. He was able to get away with $7,000, but an anonymous tip later led to his arrest.

Moore will also be sentenced in December.