(KCEN) – On Monday Hewitt detectives were back at the wooded crime scene where two human skeletal remains were found just days ago. They now plan on bringing in cadaver dogs from Austin on Thursday to comb the area once again, making sure there are no other remains.

On Friday Hewitt police received a call saying human remains were found in a heavily wooded area near a creek bed off of the 100 block of Bridle Trail.

That phone call came from Jason Gilstrap. Before the discovery he had been working on his truck while his sister was in the woods. "We're going to be moving out soon, and we wanted to get everything cleaned up for the landlord. That was the reason she was back there," Jason said.

It wasn't long before his sister Jessica stumbled upon what she thought was a leg bone. "I wanted to look and make sure there wasn't anything else. I ended up coming up on more human remains, and eventually finding the skull," Jason said.

Shaken up by what he just saw, Jason immediately called police. Detectives taped off the wooded area and stayed into the night processing the scene. On Saturday morning detectives announced a second set of human skeletal remains had been found.

"Being cynical police officers we know there's the potential for that to happen, but we just didn't think anything like this could occur in our city," Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin said.

Devlin says right now there are few details he can release, but said they are treating this as a homicide investigation. They're currently in the process of combing through missing person cases in McLennan County and possibly other counties as the investigation continues.

Over the last few days, Devlin says several people have come forward wanting to know if it was their loved ones. "We are looking into those leads; we've talked about potential individuals from the area that could be missing," Devlin said. "We're holding on to that until we can get some definitive information about the remains."

Because the size of the bones, Devlin believes at least one set of remains could be a teen or adult, but it's still too early to tell. He also says they found significant evidence in addition to the bones that could help with identifying the remains.

The remains are currently undergoing forensic testing in Dallas, and Devlin estimates it will be between four to six weeks before they get any answers.