Officers from the Carrollton Police Department thought they were responding to your run-of-the-mill noise complaint..but once they arrived, they were surprised to see something so heartwarming.

We'll stop writing now and let you see for yourself...

You can watch the whole encounter on YouTube below:

The groom, David Opegbemi, commented on WFAA's Facebook post:

"That was me and my groomsmen last month. We are so thankful that we had understanding officers approach us (yes, officers were called out 3 times). Our intent was never to disturb the peace. We are just a group of young black educated men who were having a good time and bonding while at dance practice. It's sad that we had the police called on us, but that's our world. We understand that we might be perceived as danger, but we hope this shows something positive and that a group of black men at night is not always a threat. Again, we are very thankful for the officers that approached us. With what is going on in the world today, things could of got bad real quick, but thankfully it didn't. For the officer that stayed and let his body cam capture this moment, you sir are everything an officer should be. Outside of serving and protecting, you were kind, friendly, and understanding. Great job and thank you for sharing this video!!!"

Opegbemi sent WFAA the final result of the dance. The guys were amazing and the bride was surprised! Congrats to the happy couple!