Jim Januszka and his wife met in Michigan more than 20 years ago, and the seeds of feeding the world bagels were sewn. But along the way, and after coming to fruition it's now led to two stores, becoming suppliers for other businesses, and even owning a pizza shop. And the day Jim took off his uniform, he put on his apron.

"For the past 20 plus years, we always said we were going to open another bagel shop," Jim explained. "And my last year and a half or so in the Army is when we started doing planning. And, the day I retired is when we opened up."

That was five years ago in Harker Heights, and now for a year and a half the Killeen location, which shares space with the pizza shop, has been open. They hired mostly military, but not exclusively, and offer deals for veterans.

A lot of work goes into the bagel and pizza shops six days a week, closed on Sundays.

They also supply the bread for DAM Sandwiches. That's Dave and Marie Sandwiches or D-A-M Dam Sandwiches which has been open for two years and is also military owned and just expanded to a second location into copperas cove.

“This was my Fiancé’s passion, so we took over, started a business up, and this is where we've been," DAM Sandwiches owner Dave Bradford said.

And both businesses are looking to expand. Temple is next for Bite the Bagel, followed by Georgetown and then someday Austin. Jim told us infrastructure will be the key.

"One of the goals is to build a commissary where we would do a lot of the central production," he added.

That would mean more jobs for vets and more great food for Central Texans.