Saturday was national 'Clear the Shelters' Day, a push to try to alleviate an overcrowding problem being seen across the country.

The Humane Society of Central Texas Executive Director Don Bland said the shelter has not taken in this many animals in three years. The number of dogs the organization has sheltered this summer is one-and-a-half times as high as a normal summer.

With a goal of one hundred dogs adopted in Waco, adoption fees were waived Saturday thanks to sponsors.

Community members lined up all day to take advantage.

Only an hour into the event, more than forty people were in line waiting to adopt.

Bland said throughout the summer, the Humane Society was struggling with the amount of dogs the organization sheltered.

"Going into today, we were just putting dogs anywhere we could find space, we had so many," Bland said. "We knew today would save a lot of dogs, so we were just trying to get to this point and see how much space we could make."

105 dogs were adopted from the Humane Society on Saturday -- 31 more than the previous single-day record by the shelter.

The Waco shelter was not the only central Texas organization that took part in Clear the Shelters day. Shelters in Temple and other central Texas communities participated as well.