More than 20 agencies in Waco came together Friday to help provide services and link resources for those experiencing homeless.

Many homeless people in Waco attended Project Homeless Connect, including Sam Majors.

Majors is from Houston, but lost his job and moved to Waco to be with family. Then, in an instant, he ended up on the streets.

"Just woke up one morning, and everything, everything was gone," Majors said.

Majors and many other homeless in Waco received free hair cuts, health screenings, and information about how to get a home.

The event was organized by The Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition. The mission of the organization is to end homelessness all together.

"For instance, here in Waco we have made a difference because in 2013 we had 315 homeless on our point of time count and this year we had 221," Melinda Bonds of the Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition said.

The Department of Veteran Affairs and Neighborhood Works collaborated in the event to make the day possible.

"With the homeless, they have no where to put their head at night -- except maybe somewhere random in the community," Roy Nash from Neighborhood Works said. "So, we felt the need to start participating with the homeless coalition to bring an event like this."

The Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition usually hosts one event a year, but due to the rise in the homeless population, the organization decided to host it twice.

Among the many helping hands at the event included the Baylor women's basketball team.