Scotty's Brewhouse, the Indiana-based craft beer sports bar that has already begun renovate the old Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, will create more than 100 new part-time and full time jobs in the city, the company announced Thursday.

The restaurant was scheduled to open in late January 2018 in the 7,869 square foot structure that previously housed a franchise of the Dallas-based Twin Peaks restaurant chain until the biker shootout of 2015 closed the location. The shooting left nine people dead and ended in roughly 177 arrests. A mistrial was recently declared in the first case against one of those bikers.

“Taking over the former Twin Peaks location is an opportunity for Scotty’s to make a positive impact on the Waco community, as being an active part of our Community is one of the core values and part of what we do at every Scotty’s location," Scotty’s Brewhouse President Chris Martin said in an email.

The new Scotty's Brewhouse will seat 300 between a dining room and large outdoor patio. It will serve lunch and dinner seven days a week.

“We’re looking forward to bringing many positive experiences to Central Texas Marketplace, as a neighborhood restaurant, and through initiatives and local partnerships within the community,” Martin said.

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