More jobs for veterans. Congressman Bill Flores and other lawmakers targeted that goal at Baylor University Wednesday morning.

Many veterans attended the event to tell their stories and try to influence the congressional committee.

Joseph Kopser was in the army for 20 years, but now runs his own iPhone app company that helps people find cabs, trains or buses in cities.

He knows first hand how difficult it is for veterans to navigate back into civilian life.

"We send soldiers overseas and they have to learn culture and language, but yet when we release them into the private sector...there's very little training that goes on," Kopser said.

Congressman Bill Flores also says he wants to help veterans find new careers.

"I think it's very important to hear from folks first hand here in Texas about this issue," Flores said. "Nobody knows these issues better than those right here in the real world."

Veteran Franchise, also known as VetFran for short, is run by the International Franchise Association. It provides financial incentives and training, so vets can successfully operate a franchise of their own.

One out of seven franchise businesses are owned by a veteran and the panelists at the event said it gives them an opportunity to use the leadership skills they learned in the military.

Kopser says veterans actually make the best business owners because of the experience they gain overseas.

"One...we work well as teams," Kopser said. "Two...we can solve problems, especially difficult ones. Three...because of our combat experience, we don't sweat the small stuff as much as perhaps other entrepreneurs who are just starting out for the first time."

Now that he's successfully started his own company, he wants to help other veterans who hope to do the same.

Congressman Flores will take the findings of the day and come up with four or five new job initiatives for veterans to add to his legislative agenda.