A man was arrested in Temple Thursday afternoon after claiming to have witnessed a bank robbery that never happened.

The man called 911 and said there was a robbery in progress at the Texaco Bank. Yes, he said "Texaco" -- according to police. Of course, Texaco is actually an Oil Company that serves local gas stations.

Temple Police eventually realized he was talking about the Texell Credit Union located at N 11th Street and W Central Avenue. When officers showed up, they found the man in a car that a woman was driving.

Officers said they believed the man was on drugs. And, they arrested him for making a false police report.

The woman suffered some sort of anxiety attack while officers were there, according to Temple Police Lt. Brad Hunt. Paramedics responded and offered treatment to the woman, who was not transported to the hospital. She did not suffer any obvious injuries, Hunt said.

The name of the suspect who was arrested was not immediately released.