A 5-year-old with ties to Central Texas was among the 20 people wounded when a gunman opened fire Sunday at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs outside San Antonio -- killing at least 26 other victims.

Ryland Ward was shot five times, including once in the elbow, twice in his stomach and twice in the leg, according to a GoFundMe page arranged in his name. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

“It’s heartbreaking," Uncle Earl McMahan, said. "He’s laying there, he has pins sticking out of one leg. His other arm is wrapped up. We’re not sure what is going to happen. It’s just really heartbreaking. Five years old -- he shouldn’t be laying there in that bed at all.”

Ward's biological mother, Chancie McMahan, lives in San Saba along with his grandparents -- all of whom were at the hospital Monday, according to the San Saba County Sheriff's Office. At the time of the shooting, Ward was living in Sutherland was his father and stepmother.

Ward's stepmother Joann and her two daughters, Brooke Ward, 5, and Emily Garcia, 7, were all shot and killed. Emily was Ryland's half-sister, according to a relative.