A Killeen mother, whose daughter died of a rare genetic disorder in May, said thieves broke into her vehicle on Lion’s Gate Lane and stole her deceased daughter’s social security card and hospital band that was removed when she passed away.

Jennifer Aston said the irreplaceable items were stolen during the early morning hours of July 4.

Aston claimed the thieves stole her wallet containing her identification cards and credit/debit cards – along with $300 worth of cash and gift cards from her vehicle’s center console, and she filed a report with the Killeen Police Department.

“I know, shame on me keeping valuables in my vehicle, but there’s no need to kick me while I’m down,” Aston said in a Facebook post.

Aston told KCEN-TV the thieves could keep her money and wallet. She said she was only concerned with getting back the items belonging to her beloved child.

"It would mean the world to us it would show us that these people aren't what a lot of people think they are and that they do have a heart and that they do care," Paisley's father William Boyd said.

Aston said several cards were found in a neighbor’s yard, but no one has returned Paisley's cherished items.

Aston’s daughter, Paisley Nichole Boyd, would have been five months old on Saturday. Paisley tested positive for Trisomy 13 before she was born. It meant her brain wouldn't fully form and she would have an extra toe and a cleft lip. She died May 20 after contracting rhinovirus and pneumonia causing her organs to shut down.

"She fought for a total of 102 days and left this world with a smile," Aston told KCEN-TV at the time.

Aston claimed the thieves also broke into several vehicles along Bridgewood Drive, going from one house to the next. Below are surveillance videos she shared from neighbors' cameras, which she believes show the individuals who also broke into her vehicle.

If you have any information about vehicle break-ins in the area, please contact the Killeen Police Department 254-501-8830 and reference case #17-008352.

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(Additional reporting by Jim Hice)