After hearing from parents concerned about rumors of a child with a weapon, KCEN-TV has determined students at S.C. Lee Junior High School mistook an air soft pistol for a real firearm in the hands of a fellow student off campus Wednesday.

Copperas Cove ISD Spokesperson Wendy Sledd said the students notified school administrators on Thursday. Out of an abundance of caution, those administrators notified Copperas Cove Police, who located the air soft pistol and determined it posed no threat, according to the district.

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You can read Copperas Cove ISD's full statement below:

On 5/18/17, students at S. C. Lee Junior High reported they had seen a fellow student with a gun off campus on Wednesday. In an abundance of caution, S. C. Lee administrators notified CCPD who located an air soft pistol, a toy gun used in airsoft sports, belonging to the student. Airsoft guns cannot be adapted to use deadly ammunitions.