Eighteen Midway Middle School students earned scores equal to or better than half the nation's juniors and seniors who took ACT and SAT tests this year.

The seventh graders qualified for state recognition through the 36th Annual Duke University Talent Identification Program.

Three of the students scored so well they qualified for an even more impressive grand recognition -- a national honor that means they scored better than 90 percent of college-bound standardized test takers. Those three students will be invited to a national ceremony at Duke, where they will receive medals.

The three grand recognition scholars are Caleb Montgomery, Lily Johnson and Heidi Kuang.

The state recognition scholars are Ashlyn Melichar, Piya Patel, Tyne Dougherty, Caleb Lively, Sidra Mohiuddin, Robert Goodman, Judah Crawford, Samuel Battle, Rebecca Rhodes, Rafia Arshad, Caden Powell, Carson Lutz, Matthew Shirley, Neon Zheng, and Samuel Smyers.