As we honor veterans for their service today, we're also examining a problem plaguing female veterans, who face unemployment at a higher rate than their male colleagues.

Veterans Administration and other organizations are making new efforts to tackle this disparity and help the 116,000 unemployed women who have bravely served our country find work.

There are about 22 million veterans in this country and about 10 percent of them are women.

It's that population the Veterans Administration is now specifically trying to do more to help.

The October unemployment rate for female veterans was 8 percent higher than the rate for male veterans, now at 6.7%.

The Veterans Administration says a greater percentage of females are unemployed, in part, because they don't realize they qualify for benefits, like job training.

The VA is expanding its outreach through a new hot line and website dedicated to women.

They're also relying on organizations like the Easter Seals to help train veterans.

Female veterans can visit to get help finding a job or to seek other benefits.

For counseling help - women veterans can call - 1-855-VA-women (1-855-82-96636)