(KXAN) - October 5th marks the National Day of Dignity and Respect for immigrant families across America.

Those protesting say they want more immigration reform. Nationally, there were about 100 events planned like the protest in Austin.

The Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition members and supporters marched from the Texas Capitol to Wooldridge Park.

"Texas is home to a large immigrant population, 14% of the total U.S immigrant population lives in Texas. They have families, they own homes and businesses, and their children are U.S citizens. Comprehensive immigration reform is what is necessary for their contributions," says Alejandro Caceres, Executive Director of Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition.

"The National Day of Dignity and Respect will reinforce our message to House Republicans and Democrats that they must act quickly and pass an immigration reform bill that contains a path to citizenship and keeps families together for the benefit of our entire country."