A family loses their home in north Waco after a fire Sunday morning.

All four people inside made it out okay, but the house is completely destroyed, and firefighters say there was really no hope of saving it by the time they got there.

It started Sunday just before 10:30 a.m. in the 2000 block of N. 6th Street in Waco.

Family members smelled smoke earlier this morning, but didn't find any fire, so they went back to bed.

A short time later, the house was almost completely engulfed.

When firefighters arrived it was already showing signs of collapse.

It's obviously a major loss for the family, but they're just happy everyone's safe.

"We were a little concerned with that, because being early in the morning like it is, a Sunday, vehicle's in the driveway still, sometimes that's a bad sign," said Waco assistant fire chief Don Yeager.

"As long as everybody's okay, you know, our family's okay, we're going to be okay, we're going to just be stronger," said Lonnie Edwards, who grew up in the house, and who still lives right around the corner.

"We're going to come together, you know, they always got somewhere to go, so you know, we're okay, we're going to be okay."

Firefighters were there for a few hours making sure it didn't spread and putting out hot spots.

Investigators say there's no connection to the string of suspicious fires in north Waco, and it appears to be accidental.