Update: October 30, 2013, 1:00 p.m. -- Gatesville's water system is back up and running.

That's after water was finally turned back on late last night.

(KCEN) – Many residents and businesses in east Gatesville are under a boil water notice on Tuesday. Water was finally turned back on late Monday night, but the city remains under a mandatory conservation order.

Saturday's storm damaged an electrical cable near Lake Belton. That shut the power off to the city's water intake system. That power outage stopped the flow of water, causing many in east Gatesville to have no water on Monday.

A backup generator from Houston was brought in while Oncor crews fixed the problem on Monday. Although the water has been turned back on, the mandatory conservation order is still in place as the city's tanks refill.

That order basically means families and businesses should try to use as little water as possible.

Not all of Gatesville is under the boil water notice. Residents who lost water and those living in the Mountain Water Supply distribution area, near the civic center, and the TDJC units should boil their water for at least two minutes before using it to cook or drink.

The city believes both notices should be lifted sometime on Wednesday.