(KCEN) -- A two-year-old child was beaten to death in Georgetown.

On August 31, a two-year-old boy was brought to the hospital by 22-year-old Andrew Ray Jiminez.

Jiminez claimed that he had laid down to take a nap and when he awoke, he found the child laying on the bottom of the stairs, unresponsive.

He told detectives that after finding him unresponsive, he then placed the child in a bath tub to attempt to make him more alert and awake. However, his attempt was unsuccessful, so he placed him into bed and Jiminez then went back to sleep before later taking him to the hospital.

After an autopsy was conducted, a medical examiner concluded that there was extensive internal injury to the stomach, duodenum, and the large and small intestines. The examiner stated with the severity of the injury/damage, it would have been caused by tremendous blunt force to the stomach.

On September 3, Jiminez was arrested for capital murder and his bond has been set at $1,000,000.