LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - A story from Louisville, Kentucky is getting a lot of attention online because of a lesson it's providing many with about love and acceptance.

It involves two boys, Jaxon and Reddy, who are in Pre-k and are best friends.

They wanted to trick their teacher by getting the same haircut. While the boys got a kick out of the whole thing, the families realized there is a much deeper meaning.

Reddy was adopted from the Congo and although he may look different from his parents and his friend Jaxon, they've taught him to love everyone equally.

"It's really cool to see that move on from our family right into his relationships with his friends and there's an innocence children have that sometimes we loose. So if we could get some of that back, I think it would be amazing," said Reddy's father, Kevin Weldon.

The boys' teacher went along with the trick, and their classmates got involved too, adding to the fun.