It's the final countdown to this year's Halloween.

If you're a parent planning for the best trick-or-treat season, help is just a smartphone or tablet away.

There are a number of new applications and other options available to help parents plan safe Halloween experiences for their children.

Parents worried with keeping track of their children this Halloween actually have several app options.

The Trick-Or-Tracker 3.0 app uses GPS technology to pull the exact location, which is then sent to your phone through a text message.

The app also allows you to set up a "geo-fence" to be notified if your children travel outside a set perimeter.

Similar apps include Life360, Google Latitude and Lookout.

There are also options for parents thinking outside the app box.

The Insignia Little Buddy Tracker is a tracking unit that can be placed at the bottom of a trick-or-treating bag or pillow case and allows parents to keep tabs on their children at all times.

iSafe Backpacks are equipped with alarm systems and provide kids with an immediate signal for help.

Parents can also place temporary, fun, waterproof tattoos called Safety Tattoos on their kids to provide a highly visible form of identification.

Last but not least, for parents looking to keep their children highly visible while trolling dark streets, Child Safety Flashlights are a fun and colorful option.