A nationwide shortage could soon impact people who take certain generic prescription drugs.

That's according to The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, who issued an advisory Thursday. Pharmacists say could last for up to nine months.

Some of the most widely-used drugs impacted by the shortage include furosemide, a diuretic used very commonly in heart failure patients, atenolol, a beta blocker used for blood pressure patients and clomiphene, a fertility drug that's also used as male hormone therapy.

Pharmacist-in-charge Kristi Torres said, "Sometimes when newer drugs come on the market they get priority in the manufacturing process. So sometimes these older drugs can take a backseat or we can take for granted that there's enough supply of them to set them aside for a little while, and sometimes there's not."

Torres says the shortage could pose a problem for people who have experienced side effects with other versions of the drug.

She recommends, of course, talking with your doctor and pharmacist before considering switching medications.

Many times they can help you find another pharmacy that has a supply because not all locations will run out at the same time.