Nurses are preparing for a big baby boom on Fort Hood this summer.

Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center typically sees 180-200 births per month. But, those figures are about to spike.

Major Anne Daniele, the officer in charge at the Army hospital, estimates an increase of 50 to 80 extra births per month this summer -- bringing the total to somewhere between 230 and 280 births per month.

"This [summer] is definitely higher than we've seen before," Major Daniele said.

Nobody seemed to know what caused the increase in births. But, Metroplex Hospital also anticipates an increase after seeing more births this year than last year.

"I wish I knew that answer," Metroplex Maternal Child Health Director Tabitha Poole said. "That is a hot topic and I don't know the answer. But, we are glad to have them and hope they continue to increase."

In the meantime, Fort Hood medical officials said they were evaluating their maternity processes to see if anything needed to be streamlined to best handle the higher patient load.