Often the moments that touch our lives the the deepest, come at the times when we least expect it, a fleeting moment of kindness. For Jessica Fingers and her son Buddy, that moment came on a Friday, at the checkout counter at her local grocery store

“I got in my car and I cried, we’d never had that happen before.” Said Jessica

Buddy Fingers is only three years old, but he’s fighting a battle most people don’t see in a lifetime. He was diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome, a rare condition that causes glaucoma, and constant seizures

“Its a progressive syndrome. It can never be cured, it can never be slowed down. And we just have to take it day by day because his life could be changed in the next hour.” Says Jessica.

It’s a disease that is characterized by the wine colored birthmark on his face. A mark, that for three years, has been the focus of strangers stares, and hushed whispers.

“When we go out I’m just looking for people to say something, because it always happens. We never have a trip out where someone doesn’t say something.”

But on this trip out, on this Friday at the H.E.B on 31st street. They ran into Kimberly Butler, a cashier who saw Buddy a little differently.

“I just saw a beautiful little boy I mean look at him how could you not see the beauty.” Kimberly says smiling at the three year old.

To his mother, it was a small gesture, but one that meant the world. “She saw his birthmark and saw it in a positive light, she said it was so cool and asked if she could trade her glasses for it, and he got out to the car and said he really liked my birthmark”

A moment of kindness. A snapshot of compassion in the grocery store. That would change a mother’s outlook. And give a little boy a boost of confidence he needed to fight his battle another day.

“She changed my life. She changed the way I look at people”

“I just wanted him to feel like a person. To feel like he’s more than just what’s on his face”

For a mother fighting to give her son a sense of normalcy, it gave her a new sense of hope. And for Kimberly and Buddy it gave them, a new and special friendship.

“I want to live my life helping somebody. And apparently this is the somebody I’m going to help”

Jessica and her family are trying to raise money to get Buddy a seizure alert dog. The dog would allow his parents to know if he was suffering a seizure day or night. The cost of the dog is about 12,000 dollars. A cost they are trying to subsidize with a GoFundMe page set up to reach that goal. To contribute you can find the link here.