She was creative, young and full of potential, that's how a Illinois family is describing a Zoe Conley. The twenty-year-old lost her battle to a heroin addiction on Wednesday.

Her family has a heartfelt message and a plea to help others going through the traumatic experience of fighting addiction. They want people to understand how difficult it can be to fight off a heroin addiction, especially since the drug affects the brain.

They say Zoe Conley has been fighting her addiction for about five years. She has been to rehabilitation five times, the last time was in April. Conley then started working for her family's business, the Trenton Sun.

Her family says they're are incredibly grateful for the community's huge show of support during this difficult time, especially from other parents who have lost a child to addiction.

They’re also encouraging people to donate to groups that help people recover from addiction. They say as of now, Trenton police are trying to figure out who suppled Conley with the fatal heroin dose.

It’s currently under investigation.