A Kansas City man was sentenced to life in prison Monday for the murder of his 7-year-old son, who was severely abused and starved to death before his remains were left in the family's pig sty.

Michael Jones, 46, turned his chair away from family members who testified and declined addressing the court during his sentence hearing for the 2015 death of Adrian Jones.

Jones pleaded guilty in March on the count of first-degree murder.

The child's stepmother, Heather Jones, 31, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in November and is also serving a life sentence.

Authorities found the boy's remains in November 2015 after responding to a domestic disturbance, though they say he died in September or October.

At the time of Jones' arrest, Wyandotte County district attorney declined to discuss reports of the child's remains being fed to pigs, calling to one of the worst cases investigators had seen.

Adrian's biological mother lost custody of him and his two siblings several years ago, but her mother, Judy Conway, remained in contact with him, even contacting authorities about the appearance of Adrian, becoming less like himself with each visit.

Conway remembers more than 30 security cameras inside the Jones' home, giving the parents the opportunity to keep an eye on the "gorgeous little boy." Much of the nine months of abuse were recorded on digital photos and videos, but hidden under the guise of homeschooling at the Jones Academy.

She says they blindfolded him and strapped him to an inversion table. She says they tased him and made him stand neck-deep in stagnant, green pool water overnight. Alarms were kept on food so he wouldn't take any and his stepmother would sometimes beat him with the end of a broom handle.

Conway also says they kept him naked in a shower stall, where he eventually died.

Though social workers from the Kansas Department for Children and Families visited the home after reports of abuse, the file remains closed under a court-ordered seal and family members say DCF missed many opportunities.