Over a thousand teachers met outside the State Capitol building in Austin on Monday and held a rally to voice their concerns over education in Texas.

The rally was organized by Troy Reynolds, the founder of Texans for Public Education. Reynolds said it is time to turn up the heat on lawmakers.

"They moved 1.2 billion dollars from public education into public charters," Reynolds said. "So, we are already taking cuts. We couple that with the federal cuts we've already seen. For example, my title two got cut 30%. So, we're getting hammered financially right now."

Two Copperas Cove teachers joined their fellow educators from around the state who have concerns that the legislature refuses to properly fund public education. They said legislature is tripling retiree insurance premiums, which takes billions of dollars away from public schools.

Locally, schools are affected by impact aid cuts due to the number of military students they are servicing.

"And that's been going on for several years now," Copperas Cove teacher Michele Cox said. "In Cove, we have reduced our full day program in Pre-K to half day programs because the state only funds for half day, and they are no longer able to make up the difference."

Teachers said they plan to vote for legislatures who support public education, and plan to vote out the ones who do not. Rallying teachers added they want legislators in office to take public school funding seriously.

The special session starts Tuesday. Lawmakers will have 20 bills to go through in 30 days, including topics like public education.

Another march for public education will be held Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For more details, visit the Facebook event page here.