It has been a week since military forces declared victory against ISIS in Mosul and some Fort Hood Soldiers were an important part of that victory.

Lt. Colonel Andrew Kiser, the 1st Battalion 12th Cavalry Regiment’s Commander Lieutenant supported the 16th Iraqi Army division.

He said the Iraqi forces are trying to keep the civilians safe while ISIS tries to use them as human shields.

Kiser gave the following statement to Channel 6:

Over the last several months, the Iraqi Security Forces, supported by the Coalition, won a hard-fought victory over ISIS in Mosul. The Iraqi Security Forces, along with the Coalition, took great care to prevent civilian casualties despite ISIS' best attempts to use them as human shields. The time ahead will be hard as local governance is reestablished and rebuilding begins, but the people and government of Iraq are up to the challenge. The fight is not over, and the Iraqi Security Forces, supported by the Coalition, will continue to seek out and kill ISIS in the remaining locations across Iraq and we will be with the Iraqis every step of the way.I personally had the privilege to support the 16th Iraqi Army Division over the past five months. I have watched them clear ISIS out of several villages and most recently the last two remaining neighborhoods in "Old Mosul." The fighting was some of the toughest and most violent I have ever seen, as the Iraqi Army engaged ISIS from as close as 5-10 meters and in from within the same house at times. Despite ISIS' best efforts to use suicide bombers and human shields, the Iraq Army maintained their professionalism, bravery, military skills, and confidence, and in the end, defeated ISIS in Mosul. These Iraqi Soldiers not only endured incredibly hard fighting, they did it in stifling heat of over 115 degrees fighting sun up to sun down. They showed their ability to coordinate offensive maneuver and precise artillery strikes, and the ability to request and integrate effective, precise, and proportionate Coalition air strikes. I am proud of what the 16th IA did to assist in liberating Mosul city, a city I served in 10 years ago as a company commander, and the 1-12 Cavalry "Charger" Battalion in supporting the 16th Iraqi Army Division the entire way to their victory.