Before social media, (and it wasn't that long ago) shaming and gossiping was happening, just on a different plane.

Lori Fritsch of Bell County has two daughters ages 15 and 13.

She got her daughters cell phones in order to keep tabs on them since they were doing more after school activities and going out with friends more.

She says it quickly turned into a social avenue for her, as it does for every kid.
we live in a world where certain apps on your kids' phones are a gateway for sex and sexual predators. Here's what you need to know about a few of the dozens of apps out there.

1) Tinder is an app for hooking up and dating.
The problem: its easy for adults and minors to find each other. It's GPS based and easy to cyber bully because of a rating system.

2) Snapchat allows users to send pictures and videos to anyone on their friend list...
But here's the problem: - the sender can determine when the picture or video self destructs for fear of it living on - but it can still be saved. Much like this one.

“I hate Snapchat,” Lori says. “I just think it's deceitful, and it was meant to be deceitful,” she says.

It's the number one app used for sexting..

She says she 100% agrees with that on every level and every age.

3) Blendr is GPS based and used to meet people close to you. And people can rate your hotness.
The problem: nothing to verify age - so minors and adults can talk to each other and meet up if they wanted.

4) Yik Yak is about anonymity. Someone could say something mean about another. And its used by people nearby. So if you're at school and you say something about another, it'll show up to everyone near you. And no one will know who wrote it.

5) Down: Down is an app for hooking up and sex. It used be called 'bang with friends.'

The problem is pretty self explanatory.

6) Calculator+: Your private photos and videos can be kept under the guise of a calculator app so that parents/friends cannot find inappropriate material that can be used on the other apps we just mentioned. It looks just like the real calculator app. Just look for the plus sign next to it and the different pattern of colors.

Parents can subscribe to a program called Social Safe to monitor their kids’ activity on social media accounts. For $6.99 a year you can monitor up to four social media accounts. There is also a 30 day free trial. Learn more or get started at

Editor's Note:

In a previous version we showed an image of Calculator Plus, developed by Digitalchemy LLC. That app is a legitimate calculator app that does not allow users to hide any photos or videos. The calculator app we intended to show is Calculator+ distributed by Mo Wellin.