Nearly 200 people filled the streets of Salado for the 6th annual Salado Swirl.

85 percent of tickets were sold for the event, and the turnout was the best attendance the Salado Swirl has ever seen.

Saturday's event served as a re-emergence for businesses in the area following dark times brought on by construction of Interstate 35 and the closing of Salado's iconic Stagecoach Inn.

Some businesses were lucky and saw a decrease in sales of only 10 percent, while others experienced drops of nearly 25 percent and many even closed its doors.

Lara Tracy, co-owner of The Shoppes on Main was pleased with the turnout.

"We are excited," Tracy said. "There's definitely a feeling off excitement in town. We're seeing people coming from Fort Worth and Houston just because one, the exits are open and they can get here and two, they've heard stagecoach is starting to open again."

Tracy's business rose 5-10 percent this year, which almost reaches their mark before construction, and that is good news to the Chamber of Commerce.

"Today, with as many people as we've had out here, it means we're ready for people to start coming and visiting us and stay with us," Erin Klingemann, Salado Chamber of Commerce Interim Executive Director said.

Stagecoach Inn has since re-opened, which sparked more business to the Salado community. As the city's icon continues to re-open, other Salado businesses expect its sales to grow as well.