Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo tweeted Sunday morning that a video involving two APD officers is under investigation.

The video was published to YouTube on Saturday by Phillip Turner under the username The Battoursai. In the video, two APD officers confront Turner while he is filming a traffic stop.

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"This was one of the most stressful videos I have ever filmed," Turner said in a comment on the video. "I was harassed and intimidated for nearly an hour all for exercising my 1st amendment rights. I was grabbed, shoved, and bumped into a few times when trying to walk in a different direction. Then the cops prevented my from going to my car and leaving. They made me wait until after arrested the tow truck to come and take the arrested individual's car. When the tow truck left I was allowed to get my property back and go to my car. Estimated amount of detention was 56 to 57 minutes."

In the video, officers shine their flashlights into the camera lens, making it difficult to see.

"Touch my flashlight and I can promise you this is going to a different direction," one of the officers tells Turner in the video.

"Do whatever you gotta do," Turner replies.

At several points during the video, Turner is heard saying, "Get your hands off me."

In the tweet, Acevedo said, "Actions on this video aren't reflective of our policy or our values & are under investigation."

According to the Austin-American Statesman, Turner sued the Round Rock Police Department in 2015 after he said he was unlawfully arrested.

Turner has many videos on his YouTube page showing interactions with law enforcement.