New information in an affidavit has revealed Ronal Norwood, a suspect involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed 12-year old Richard Snyder told his grandson to not say anything about the incident.

Snyder had been riding a bike on the South Loop of 1-21 on the I-35 Frontage Road in Belton when he was hit by a dark-colored truck.

In a recorded statement, Norwood’s grandson stated he was told by his grandfather to lie about the incident.

According to the affidavit, Norwood stated he thought he had a blowout as he felt his car raise up and he heard a loud noise and drove away from the scene. He was made aware by one of the passengers inside the truck that there was a body in the road, the affidavit stated. Norwood then went on to state he went to a location to change the tire and drove the truck home.

Norwood was charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing death, which is a second degree felony.