A delay in the Amber Alert for 7-year-old Zoey Rogers has raised concern.

It took 10 hours for the Amber Alert to be issued.

Harker Heights Police identified the suspects, who are in Tuskegee Police custody in Alabama for Felony Interference with Child Custody, as 36-year-old Bobbi White and 34-year-old Tutankhamun Holt.

They assaulted Rogers' father and fled east. Police found them in Tuskegee, Alabama.

Although Rogers was unharmed, the lack of information on the car delayed the alert.

Harker Heights Police Sgt. Roosevelt Wilson Jr. said they were unable to get a license plate from the car, and it took hours to get an accurate description of the vehicle.

Once they got an accurate description of the vehicle, they were able to work around not having the plate on the alert. At that point, the Amber Alert appeared on Transguide signs around the state.

However, the lack of a plate on the vehicle caused the alert not to be sent out onto cell phones.

All of these delays and snags were a result of the abduction crossing state lines.

"If it's something that we know, that we've reported ourselves, then it's easier to access that information," Wilson said. "But when you have to go through various jurisdictions, then you have to go through various supervisors to get that information."

Holt and White face charges in addition to Interference with Child Custody, including assault. At this time, it's unclear whether any of those charges can arise from other states.