If you've driven down I-35 south from Waco to Temple, you've likely seen a billboard with a rather strong message from a group of animal advocates in the area.

The sign depicts a puppy and written next to it, "Today I die because nobody wanted me."

The name of the group responsible, as it's posted on the billboard, is Animal Advocates of Central Texas. But the group's Facebook page is under "Pop's Legacy Rescue Group."

Regardless, they said their goal is to save as many animals as possible.

One way they do that is through billboards, like this one, with harsh messages. Some may call the messages depressing.

Gail Forrest is a member of the group responsible. She said the sign in Bruceville-Eddy (pictured) is meant to emphasize that due to overpopulation in shelters because of the overall animal population, the dog will be put down in a shelter, even a no-kill shelter.

They want the messages to be harsh to match the harsh reality some of these animals face daily.

"By spaying and neutering and being a responsible pet owner, that dog shouldn't be in the shelter," Forrest said. "But because it is and there's no more room and no more time, the dog loses its life."

Don Bland, Executive Director at the Humane Society of Central Texas, said the harsh message is sometimes what needs to be there.

"Some of their messages are very strong but I think that they're trying to reach someone that might read the paper or might not watch the news," Bland said. "Anyone who's willing to spend their own money to help with the cause, I support 100 percent."

Both Forrest and Bland said that if more people spay and neuter their pets to help control the animal population, it can reduce the number of animals crowding up the shelters.

In turn, that will cut back on the number of animals being put down, which is the end goal.