The #cabCares campaign released a statement Thursday that Ex-Baylor Football Head Coach Art Briles, who has made an initial donation, will match up to $8,500 to the Advocacy Center for crime victims in Children in Waco.

In the statement, Briles said his heart aches for all the sexual and domestic assault victims and for those that have suffered and continue to suffer.

“Through the events of the last six months, the awareness level is at an –all time high and I would like to bring attention to the Advocacy Center for crime Victims & Children,” he said.

Briles said in the spring he was honored to host “The Winning Drive” to benefit the Boys and Girls Club in Waco.

“In this one day event, the city of Waco came together to raise over a quarter of million dollars,” he said “and I would like to urge people to now help raise money for the Advocacy Center.”

Briles said the $8,500 value will represent the 8.5 years he spent as a Wacoan and the head football coach at Baylor.

The Advocacy Center is a nonprofit organization serves all of McLennan County, MCC and Baylor, and includes three main programs: The Victims Center, Children’s Advocacy Center and Prevention and Education.

“I am thankful and appreciative of tremendous #CAB supporters and realize this has given us a unique opportunity to help and encourage those that feel compelled to donate as well,” Briles said.