Baylor University responded Wednesday to a report on "CBS 60 Minutes Sports" by posting to its newly established truth website portions of an interview with Interim President David Garland that the University said CBS didn't want the public to see.

The CBS report aired Tuesday night on Showtime. Reporter, Armen Keteyian, interviewed several people including Garland and former Title IX Coordinator, Patty Crawford.

Crawford has said that Baylor set her up to fail during her time as the Title IX Coordinator.

"It was a victim blaming culture that exists," Crawford told Channel 6 News' sister station, WFAA. "So, it was very clear that this culture was rampant at the University. Even the Chief Operating Officer was speaking in this way, victim blaming in essence."

Baylor has maintained that's not true and that, in fact, she was set up to succeed.

The University also posted to its website a detailed timeline of Crawford's time at Baylor. It includes emails, texts and interviews that Baylor says undermine Crawford's claims.

Among the things included in the timeline is an email Baylor claims Crawford wrote to her supervisor on November 10, 2015.

She wrote, "I am struggling with maintaining my momentum in this position. Every day there are issues that go beyond my scope and in this climate I do need forgiveness and sensitivity."

It also includes an email Baylor's HR director sent to Crawford after the release of the Pepper Hamilton investigation in May of 2016.

It reads, "Thinking of you and praying for you during this time. I know it is tremendously difficult on you and your team. Hang in there and let us know if there is something we can do to help."

Baylor also published what it deemed a "Fact Checking Report" on the CBS interview with Crawford.

The six page report lists Baylor's responses to excerpts of questions asked by CBS.

Crawford said on Wednesday, Baylor needs to focus on itself and not on her.

"Baylor needs to just own it for themselves and not make this a Patty Crawford timeline of a website," said Crawford. "Don't waste resources doing that. Hurting me isn't going to help you at all. The truth is the truth and own it and just do the Christian thing: care at a deep, grassroots level, instead of putting out press releases and trying to defame people and push them out. Just do the right thing."

Baylor has been embroiled in controversy over its handling of sexual assaults since 2015.

The University hired the Philadelphia law firm Pepper Hamilton to investigate how it handled the sexual assaults.

The firm came back with 105 recommendations for sweeping change, including the dedication of more resources to the Title IX office.

The University also put out a 13 page Findings of Fact that laid out how Baylor "failed to take action to identify and eliminate a potential hostile environment, prevent its recurrence, or address its effects for individual complainants or the broader campus community."

Head Football Coach, Art Briles, President and Chancellor, Ken Starr, and Athletic Director, Ian McCaw, were all let go in the days after the Pepper Hamilton report was released.

Baylor maintains there is no written version of the report. The University says the law firm presented its findings orally and not in any written form.