Baylor University Interim President, David Garland, posted a letter on the Baylor website Tuesday saying that he had directed the University "to be more transparent wherever possible about the sexual assault crisis that has severely impacted our campus, our alumni and the entire Baylor family."

The University also announced it launched a new web page Tuesday where Garland said more details about what happened at Baylor will be posted.

"I encourage you to visit this web page on a regular basis as we strive to keep you informed," said Garland in the message he posted Tuesday. "We will disclose important facts, provide a clear accounting of past Title IX incidents including sexual assaults on our campus, report about developments on a timely basis and respond to media coverage when appropriate."

The message also addressed the Pepper Hamilton report and the media requests that it be released.

Baylor hired the law firm to conduct a review of the University's handling of sexual assaults. Baylor maintains Pepper Hamilton presented the findings orally and that there is no written report.

The message posted by Garland Tuesday acknowledged the numbers of alleged sexual assaults reported by the Wall Street Journal.

"The evidence shows that the breadth of the problem was staggering within the University and within the football program: since 2011, a total of 17 victims reported allegations of sexual assault or domestic violence by 19 football players. Four of these involved alleged gang rapes that were reported to have occurred in 2012."

The full message can be read at Baylor's website.

Head football Coach Art Briles, President and Chancellor, Ken Starr, and Athletic Director, Ian McCaw, were all fired in the wake of the scandal.