A day after a car crashed into a crowd of protestors - killing a woman and injuring at least 19 people Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, many people around the state and country have responded to the event, including Baylor President Linda A. Livingstone.

Livingstone released the following statement Sunday:

“Our hearts are heavy and our prayers go out to the victims of the horrific events that took place Saturday in Charlottesville. Racism has no place in our country nor in God’s Kingdom. God calls us to reach out to those around us and show that He is love. We pray for His presence to help us heal our nation.”

The crowd of protestors were leaving a “Unite the Right” rally that officials had declared an “unlawful assembly” when they were hit.

The planned rally had been shut down following clashes between alt-right demonstrators, counter-protesters, white nationalists, neo-Nazis and supporters of Black Lives Matter.

A “White Lives Matter” protest is currently scheduled for September 11 on the Texas A&M campus.