Baylor students are asking questions about a private meeting held by the university's board of regents Thursday and Friday. Officials say the meeting is routine but after months of controversy over what some say was the schools mishandling of several alleged sexual assault cases and the surprise firing or reassigning of top staff members, many students can't help but to wonder if transparency, or the lack thereof at Baylor, will be the key item of discussion.

The regents met at the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative facility however the meeting and meeting agenda are private. Baylor students tell Channel 6 News that they feel like Baylor did a poor job of keeping them informed about the sexual assault scandal and reasoning behind many of the big staff changes at the school, including the firing of Head Football Coach Art Briles.

The students say they hope the regents will discuss ways to improve communication between Baylor's higher ups and the students, so everyone can return to feeling safe and in the loop on campus.

"Baylor should be more transparent with their students to make a safer campus for us, whenever they hear about these rape cases after they've already happened several months before they don't feel very safe on campus" says Devin Lara, Baylor University junior.

"I've heard more from the news than I have on campus, I feel like they're trying to keep it hidden from the students. I hope they really talk about it because it needs to get fixed" says Haley Otts, Baylor University freshman.

"I hope they're taking student thoughts into account and that they're thinking about how students need to be safe and feel ok in our environment, we're learning and we want to be safe here" says Cameron Conway, Baylor University junior.

Baylor did release a statement to Channel 6 News about the regent meeting saying that what gets discussed during regent meetings is confidential, but if any action is taken in the meeting the school will release a follow up statement about that.