At its regular spring meeting Friday, Baylor's Board of Regents announced "structural completion" of the Pepper Hamilton Law Firm's 105 recommendations that came in response to the firm's investigation into the University's mishandling of rape and sexual assault allegations.

The University said "the infrastructure and foundation" were in place for each recommendation, but it was still working to implement them on campus.

"One of the things is always dealing with structures and reporting so that we get everybody always knowing," Interim President David Garland said. "The right hand always knowing what the left hand is doing and vice versa."

The regents also voted to approve new board members. Former Baylor Scott & White CEO Joel Allison, 69, will become the Chairman of the Board of Regents on June 1, which is the same day Linda Livingstone assumes the role of president.

Baylor's $621.7 million operating budget for the 2017-2018 academic year was also approved at the meeting, along with a scholarship fund named after Interim President David Garland and a new degree program in communication studies. You can read about those here.

Read all the Pepper Hamilton recommendations here. The University claims it never asked for a full written report that contained the complete findings of the investigation. A summarized findings of fact that was published on University letterhead is available to read here.

"The challenging part, then, is getting those embedded into the way people work every day," President-Select Linda Livingstone said. "Into the behaviors of everyone and making them, just, the way we do business."