Local doctors alerted authorities Monday about a scam with a person identifying themselves as a Bell County Sheriff’s deputy.

Three doctors called the Bell County Sheriff’s Department’s Dispatch and Warrants Division in reference to verifying whether they had active warrants. BSCO has received at least six reports in reference to this type of scam.

Investigators received a call at 3:30 p.m. from Dispatch and were advised that another doctor had received the same type call from the same.

According to Assistant Chief Deputy Major TJ. Cruz, it was revealed through conversation the person identifying himself as a deputy advised each caller there were warrants for arrest for not appearing for a jury summons.

A victim told BCSO investigators the person identified himself as James Marshall with Bell County Sheriff’s Department.

Marshall advised each victim they could take care of the warrant by purchasing a green dot card at Office Max in Temple. Officials said he also told victims to stay on the line to verify they were on their way to the business.

Once the victims purchased the card, they gave him the numbers off the card. The victims said once he verified the money was good, he would meet them at the Sheriff’s Office at 104. S. Main Street in Belton.

Each victim told Marshall they could not make it and ended the call.

The Bell County Sheriff’s Department wants to advise the public that this is not one of their Deputies and it is a scam.