A controlled burn on the campus of Texas A&M University, Central Texas in Killeen, sent plums of black smoke into the sky Friday morning.

Karen Clos, a spokewoman for the University, said the Killeen Fire Department was monitoring the fire.

Chief Financial Officer, Gaylene Nunn, also sent the following email to staff and faculty at the University with details of what was burning.

"I'm sure many of you have noticed the large piles of brush east of the main entrance. These brush piles are scheduled to be burned beginning this morning. A certified burn manager is overseeing the process and a fire truck will be on site as well. The burn is part of the land management plan developed by the Cattleman's Association who leases our undeveloped land. Killeen Fire Department is also aware of the burn. There is no reason to be worried."

Clos said the University has 672 acres on campus with a lot of dry brush. They burn it so if it were to catch fire later, the danger would be minimized.